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Community Security and Community Gate Officers

This show aired on August 4, 2017, and Common Interest Communities and security, gate officer management, communication and compensation. The guest for this episode is Bram Bottfeld (Mr. B), expert in physical security. The show topic is Community Security and Security Gate Officers. These topics and others are addressed on our website:

In this episode, our guest, Bram Bottfeld, V.P. of National Operations, Triton Security, Inc. helps us understand how to best enter into contract with security companies, treatment and expectations of security gate officers, compensation and manager-vendor communication.

  • 3:20 Introduction and qualifications of guest, Bram Bottfeld, Triton Security, Inc.
  • 5:42 What things to consider when hiring a security company?
  • 11:15 No post orders?
  • 16:20 Advertisement for a book authored by the show host, Tanoa Lynne Poirier 365 Tips for Community Association Managers, Property Managers and Property Owners.
  • 17:01 Advertisement for L’Concierge Services Inc.
  • 18.19 Discussion of security officer compensation.
  •  24:26 Tips on how managers can improve gate officer-management office communication.

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Hosted by: Tanoa Lynne Poirier

Caller(s): None

Guest: Mr. Bram Bottfeld, V.P. of National Operations, Triton Security, Inc.

Sponsor(s): Tanoa Lynne Poirier, Author, Host. L’Concierge Services, Inc