Condominium living is ideal for certain people. It allows owners to have someone else take care of the landscaping, snow shoveling, trash, cleaning, pool maintenance, tree trimming, security and access control, and replacement of equipment and components. Many communities include fitness rooms, beautiful pools and spas, tennis courts, common rooms for entertaining guests or hosting a party. Condo living allows owners the freedom to travel, or own a property that they only live in seasonally. Keep in mind, there is a maintenance fee associated with common interest communities, but for some the trade-off is more than worth the cost!

Anyone looking for this lifestyle must understand that there are other requirements that may not be as easy to accept. When one purchases in a common interest, deed restricted community, you will forfeit many of your rights as homeowners. You will need Board approval to make alterations to the exterior and interior of your unit. There will be restrictions as to the type of flooring, window coverings, lighting, duct work, appliances, and floor planning due to the construction limitations of the building, and the impact to your neighbors next door, above and below your floor. You will be required to use only licensed and insured contractors. Permission to alter the interior of your unit may not be granted…yes, the Board of Directors has the right to deny your requests.

In addition, please be prepared to accept only your assigned parking, special assessments, increases in the monthly or quarterly maintenance and inconveniences due to community projects (painting, repairs, replacements, etc.).

Lastly, you will be required to read and understand the community’s governing documents as you will be required to abide by them for the duration of your ownership. These documents are not suggestions, and are often vigorously enforced. Don’t be discouraged. These restrictions may take time to get used to; however, in time and with the proper encouragement, it works well for many people.

Is condo life for you?

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