Many community associations are embarking on their annual meetings and elections and the campaign season is beginning.  If a member of the community asks “should I run for the Board?” the answer is, “that is up to you”, or “yes, if you want to”, or “no, if you don’t really want to.” Do not play this game. It is their personal decision, and you cannot know what commitment, experience, temperament, ability, time or support they will have if they choose to run, and are elected to serve on the Board. You are neutral. Switzerland.

If the community manager weighs in for or against a particular candidate, they may be seen as an obstacle, or non-objective party to the decisions made by the board. Your endorsement may be your undoing. Allow the process to play out without any perceived finger on the scale. The emotions of the board candidates run high during these little campaign seasons, and despite the lack of any real benefits to serving on the board, the races are highly competitive. Egos are on the line and personal agendas are not always obvious. Do not share your personal or professional opinions about any current board members, or board candidates. Trust me, this is sound advice. The statutes and the association bylaws will dictate the process for electing directors. Despite your personal feelings about one candidate or another, you must not opine.

Endeavor to persevere.

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