Analysis paralysis occurs when we, as managers, are so afraid of making a mistake we over-analyze the options in lieu of executing a decision. As community association managers, we have to make dozens of decisions everyday from the moment we set foot on the property! Unfortunately, we also have to be right all of the time. Our choices have real consequences for owners, tenants, guests, staff, and vendors. For some managers, the weight of the responsibility renders them unable to “pull the trigger”, make a choice and own it!

Often times, there is an written agreement outlining the maximum spending threshold and bid process for major work performed on the property; however, there are hundreds of small decisions required to be made to resolve issues with staff, board members and owners. If a manager does not have the confidence of the board, or committee members, or if they are “micro-managed’ (yes, I said it), a manager may begin to frequently second guess themselves, and delay making a decision while seeking several opinions on the best course of action. The danger in delaying an action is that we risk causing further damage – which in turn, may make matters worse. The analysis paralysis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our fears delay action; the delay causes further damage; and the result is that we begin to erode the board’s confidence in our ability. We are paid to identify problems, craft solutions and execute decisions.

Remember; we do not forfeit our humanity because we have accepted a highly responsible position. We must make the best decision based on our evaluation, education, experience, skills, training and the context of the current predicament. I encourage managers to not focus on the fear of disapproval or criticism (although, I fully understand the sentiment), but rather to focus on their accomplishments and victories over the course of their career. Simply try to do your best every day. The world will always be filled with naysayers and critics, just stay focused on what you do best.

Adversity reveals character.

Endeavor to persevere.

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hellotanoa-bbl-headshot-blueTanoa Lynne Poirier is the Managing Principal at Poirier Enterprises Inc., specializing in the management of community associations, commercial and investment properties, and individual residences in South Florida.

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