When is the right time to move on from a community association assignment? It is up to you, but leave well. Often, when a board changes, the dynamics change as well. Fundamentally, the community may be very much the same as when you started, but you are feeling burned out, underappreciated, unchallenged or just need a change of scenery. You know what? It’s okay to move on. In fact, it is best if you do!

Community managers are in high demand. Good ones, even more so. When you begin to sense that your commitment is not where it should be, have a discussion with your supervisor and/or board liaison. If you can talk it out, you may discover that you are valued and appreciated. They may be willing to make accommodations to keep you (increased pay, bonuses, more vacation time). If you decide that it is time to go, offer a realistic timeline for departing that will allow the community to find the “right fit”. Make yourself available for training, questions, and an amicable transition.

It is often scary to consider leaving a community where you feel confident and secure. Don’t be afraid; you can be proud of your accomplishments and your new community needs your experience and expertise. You will meet new people, find new challenges and overcome many new obstacles that will add to your confidence with each little victory.

When it’s time to go, leave well. Don’t burn bridges It’s not them; it’s you. Go get ‘em!

Endeavor to persevere.

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