Wait. What? You know what I’m talking about. The CAMster wheel is the seemingly never ending routine of work, eat, sleep; respond to emergency, sleep. Repeat. Am I right? Stop it! You have not sold yourself in a proverbial, indentured servitude, for crying out loud (this is an expression my Dad uses. I’m not sure what it means, keep reading.)! You are a community association manager. You have options. Let’s examine some of them, shall we?

Vacation – Uh, duh. You have a plethora of unused time because no one can take care of the property better than you, right? Wrong. If you get sick because you are not taking care of yourself, you know what? Someone else will take care of your property. See how this works? You’ve been warned. Plan a trip….go on…Now!

Personal Day – This is personal. You don’t have to explain it. It’s okay, and it is just one day. What’s your pleasure? How about a spa, baseball game, museum, beach, or perhaps just a pajama day (stay in bed kind of day)? Maybe your significant other can join you. How fun! Choose, and do it.

Hobby – Ooohhh…here is a good one. Remember what you used to love to do when you allowed yourself the time to do it? Have you always wanted to learn a new language or learn to play an instrument? Do you love reading, but there is no time. There is time. It’s your choice. Choose wisely.

Dinner with Friends – Do you miss your friends? I am sure they miss you. Facebook is not the answer. That’s all white-washed rubbish. How about more person-to-person time and less Facebook?

Time-Outs (the good kind). If you are not comfortable with taking a full week or two of vacation, how about planning one or two days off per quarter. Just take a Friday and Monday off per quarter. Ooohhh! Yes, you are running with scissors and drinking expired milk (risky behaviors, to be sure), but you might just have some fun!

CAM’s, please get off the CAMster wheel. You are going to burn-out and drop out. You know I’m right.


Endeavor to persevere.

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hellotanoa-bbl-headshot-blueTanoa Lynne Poirier is the Managing Principal at Poirier Enterprises Inc., specializing in the management of community associations, commercial and investment properties, and individual residences in South Florida.

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